Admission Essay (The Topic Will Be Shown In Order Instruction) – Admission/Application Essay Example

Admission Essay I am a person who is acutely aware of the world around me and the emerging political trends that will dictate the kind of world thatwe shall live in in the future. From what I have observed, the world of politics becoming less about government posturing and more about business acumen and know how. That is why I am interested in gaining admission into the UT Dallas Cohort MBA program. This is the only program among all the universities that I have considered which deals with the fact that business and politics no longer make for strange bedfellows. They are now partners that work hand in hand in the development of nations. Politicians need to be savvy businessmen these days and businessmen, have to be just as savvy as the politicians that they now meet. Indeed the business world has changed from the time when my father and his forebears ran the world.
Having acknowledged this fact helped me plan my future as a responsible member of the world community. Since I come from a highly political family in my country, it is only a matter of time before I join the ranks of the new generation of politicians. Politics is the real business of my family and generations of my family members were able to further their political career without having to worry about the business side of the economy. That is no longer the case these days and I am going to make sure that I am fully prepared to handle my political career in terms of its business relevance when my time to join the arena comes.
I have decided to pursue a degree in Business Management because of my personal belief that every successful politician needs to understand that his constituencies and their businesses comprise my main business. I have to help their business grow by making sure that my political moves will always benefit their business needs. I am keenly aware of the connection between business and politics. For me, running a business for 15 years before I join the political world will be the best foundation for my long term political career. I will be able to relate to the needs of the businessmen while also knowing the political limitations of my position and how I can work around it in order to help the businesses in my country grow exponentially.