Admission Short Essay – Admission/Application Essay Example

My Course
If I were given autonomy to create a new course at Pepperdine University, I would introduce Tai Chi. In the academic sector, Tai Chi creates a link between academic work and helpful physical activities. Students will be able to match what they learn in lectures with what they do outdoors in the form of physical exercises. Thus, introducing Tai Chi would provide students with new opportunities of learning outside the lecture hall setting.
In the co-curricular sector, Tai Chi enhances self-esteem. Because Tai Chi improves overall wellness, students’ level of confidence would increase. Indeed, when people attain suitable levels of health-related fitness, their feelings of wellbeing and worth improve. Thus, when Pepperdine University starts offering Tai Chi, it would help its students in developing competence while performing motor skills.
Offering Tai Chi would increase the level of participation of students in helpful health activities. Since Tai Chi contributes to better health and quality life, many students would be willing to take part in the course. The level of participation would also rise because Tai Chi meets specific interests of most students. For instance, students can learn self-defense skills. Tai Chi also prepares students to maintain active lifestyles, good health, and participate in meaningful leisure time activities. Therefore, the introduction of Tai Chi would provide students with genuine reasons of participating in helpful health activities.

How Faith has Influenced My Life
My faith in Christianity has influenced the way I deal with difficult situations. Whenever a difficult situation such as sickness or anything that causes pain confronts me, I usually deal with it the way it is instead of blaming it on anyone or anything. I do so because I believe that everything happens for a reason, and God has a purpose for allowing it to happen. Thus, I can endure grief because I know that God is always on my side.
My faith has also made me live in a relationship with God. Being in a relationship with God has made my life complete; in Him, I find love, security, self-confidence, and purpose of living. If it were not because of Him, I could not have someone to thank for some encounters that can hardly be explained by a godless way of life.
My faith has influenced the way I view the world and deal with other people. To me, the world is a place to exercise what God wants human beings to do. The world is also the beginning of eternal existence. I treat other people kindly because they are creatures of God; I do not discriminate in terms of color, social status, nationality, or even their religious affiliations.
Personal Description
First word: optimistic
Second word: caring
Third word: courageous
Greatest invention of all time: Printing Press