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Case Brief Case Brief Citation: Foley v. Special School District of St. Louis County, No. 97-2419 (8th Cir. Aug. 14, 1998). Topic: Special Education Services
Relief Sought: Parents wanted the SSD to provide their child with services of special education in her own classroom.
Issue: Whether Foley had the right to attain services from the SSD in a private educational institute?
Facts: In this case a girl named Clare Foley who was in her 11th year of life was experiencing psychological retardation that was mild in nature. Her parents got her admitted in a private school named St. Peter’s Catholic School. The parents requested the SSD (Special School District) to offer her their services in the area of special education to facilitate her in her private classroom (Alexander, 2005). The SSD did not accept the request because the state law established by Missouri State restricted them from offering their services in a private educational institute.
Findings Of The Trial Court: In favor of SSD’s claim.
Findings of the Appellate Court: The Appellate court affirmed the decision of the trial court.
Reasoning: The trial court rejected Foley’s claim because it was against the law of the state of Missouri as well as against the IDEA State Plan for a public educationist to provide services in a private institute and they believed that dual schooling offered by SSD was quite fair and complied with the state laws (Russo, 2008). Although in 1997 an Amendment was passed that SSD could provide services in private educational institutes as long as these services were consistent with state law. But this did not benefit Clare as such a measure by Foley would have been against state laws and regulations.
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Foley v. Special School District of St. Louis County, No. 97-2419 (8th Cir. Aug. 14, 1998)
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