Follow Instructions Below – Admission/Application Essay Example

“Choosing Civility” by P.M. Forni The emergence of modern communication devices and technology has changed people’s interactions with each other. Forni tries to suggest various ways of connecting effectively and cheerfully with others in a decent and civilized manner. However, despite the rules presented by the author, there are various threats to civility that occur in daily conversations and chats. For instance, the use of short form words affects formal conversation with elderly or senior people (Forni 23). It is apparent that people like sending text messages or emails that contain shorted words and sentences, which are incomprehensible to the recipients. When sending formal messages it is applicable to use the correct words to show respect and professionalism to the recipients.
Another biggest threat to civility is people’s behavior on social media channels. This arises when users post or share indecent or provocative photos and comments that make others uncomfortable. The current generation Y members do not have communication etiquettes, which causes them to engage in social evils of abusive language among others (Forni 28). Alternatively, another threat to civility is the lack of courteously when ignoring favors or invites from friends or during phone calls. Forni indicates that people do not know how to reject offers from others and normally use inappropriate words or explanations to support their reasons. It would be good to use polite words when interacting with others via the social media channels. The choice of words is an essential aspect in communication and it can build or ruin relationships (Forni 31). As a result, people should follow the guidelines offered in the book to facilitate good communication practices.
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