If You Were Working On A Small Group Project And Another Student Didn't Carry Their Load, How Would – Admission/Application Essay Example

Admission Essay
It is an observation that every individual is different from one another and that is one of the striking characteristics of the human society. On the other hand, individuals possess different strengths and weaknesses that enable them to turn into realistic and mature individuals. I am glad that I possess a number of strengths that have facilitated me in acquiring success during different phases of my life. In specific, I am confident and I have been accomplishing tasks with efficient implementation of academic maturity. On the other hand, it is very important that an individual should realize his weaknesses, and therefore, my altruistic personality often becomes a weakness in this materialistic world; however, I have put efforts to turn this weakness into strength.
Until today, I have had several opportunities to work on different projects in teams and groups, and this realization of different abilities and nature of people has always helped in achieving success in my life. In this regard, during a group project, I once confronted a situation during a small group project when a group member did not carry his load. However, I did not allow panic to overcome me, and thus, I dealt the situation with full confidence and intellectual capability. At that time, I was leading the group, and my foremost step was organizing a group meeting that involved discussions on individual responsibilities. During the meeting, I did not point out to my group member who was unable to carry his load of work, in order to avoid any personal confrontation. On contrary, I sat personally with this classmate after the group meeting and discussed with him about his issues and problems that avoided him in fulfilling his tasks.
It was my observation that by discussing issues with him personally and avoiding pointing him out during the group meeting, there was a change in his attitude, and the group noticed a positive change in his behavior. In addition, after conversing with other group members, I convinced some of them to lend a hand to that individual, which created an environment of cooperation and support, which inclined our group more towards the success. Moreover, besides personal discussions, I made a habit of appreciating efforts of my group member that enhanced his level of confidence, and subsequently, he performed extraordinarily in the group. In the end, the group members thanked me and appreciated my leadership skills, as I dealt the situation with full maturity rather than taking things abruptly.
From this experience, I learnt a number of things. Firstly, it was my understanding that it is always not essential to deal the situation with aggression, and discussions and deliberations always result in effective and positive outcomes. In this regard, I have a belief that these strengths will be very beneficial for my prospective classmates, and I assure to endeavor confidently and hard work at your reputable institution.