Statement Of Purpose – Admission/Application Essay Example

ment of Purpose My single most distinguishing characteristic is my firm dedication to fulfill my important role in nation building. I am born with this innate desire of imparting a positive change in the lives of people which I can only accomplish by gearing myself with the necessary knowledge and skills.
Together with my resolution in finishing a degree in US Politics, I want to pursue an internship in Washington DC in order to broaden my horizons in the operations of the US government and gain valuable hands-on experience in tackling daily responsibilities inside its offices. I believe that the internship will complement the body of knowledge I gained inside the classroom. Recognizing that classroom learning experiences are inadequate to prepare me in pursuing my chosen career, an internship will provide me with the chance to efficiently apply my current knowledge and furnish me with necessary insight which academic activities alone cannot suffice. This is even more highlighted by the fact that the United States is undergoing an economic slowdown after long years of economic hegemony. I strongly acknowledge that the internship will also enable to me to help, in the small ways that I can, the government in combating and managing this downturn.
I perceive the internship to be both challenging and exciting. It is my passion to maximize my potential by equipping myself with essential skills and knowledge and I know that the internship is one of the avenues for me to reach this goal. I consider it as a privilege to be working with other interns and superiors whom I expect to enhance my personality by imparting their expertise and experiences. Recognizing that I will be working with a group of diverse individual, I am thrilled of imparting and learning new ideas. I know that these interactions with other people will enable me to become more open-minded, sensitive, adaptable, and sociable. All these positive impacts will support my career growth by instilling me the important time-management skills, professional ethics, accountability, and responsibility. The internship will provide me with more academic knowledge, enhance my personality, and prepare me professionally.