A Nomad Diary – Article Example

Personal ment Travelling has been a source of happiness for me ever since I grew up in Morocco. It all started at the age of 14 when I moved to Portugal and was able to explore the beauty of the world beyond the walls of Morocco. The city brought with it new people and a new culture that could be explored. I lived there until I completed my high school and I decided to move to Los Angeles to see a completely new perspective to the culture and life. Los Angeles was a place where I could easily interact with people and get to know them which was rather unusual in other places that I lived. I decided to pursue my studies in Los Angeles and while I was studying, I decided to go back to Europe so that I could explore even more distinct cultures that exist in this world. Spain was the first resort for me, but soon I realized that this was not the place I wanted to settle in and so I decided to move to Italy which was rather a refined set up. I lived for six months in Italy but the love of Los Angeles did not let me settle there too. It was clearly because of the friendly nature of the American people and the beauty of the state itself. Sooner I realized that I could only live in Los Angeles and nowhere else and hence I decided to go back and settle there until my travelling endeavours start again.
Photo Essay
There are places that one can simply connect himself to and then there are places which never let us get away from them even in the saddest of moments. This picture takes me back to the time when I used to live in Italy and made friends over there. It brings back the beauty that I enjoyed during my time in the stay of 6 months. The happiness can clearly be seen by the way that the photo was snapped. The sunrise shows that there is a part of life that I am missing on during this time and I want to go there to visit the beauty. Portugal helped me to know myself as a person as I lived my teen years in that country. Over time, when I moved to Los Angeles, I came to realize that I was more of a person who loved travelling. Although I found Los Angeles better than all the places I lived in, I still believed that there was room for better. This is when the new culture of liberalism in America encouraged me to take another journey to Italy and Spain. Italy was a place where I could enjoy the deep embedded culture in a different manner but I still thought that something was missing from the arena. That is the time when I decided to leave for Spain where I could enjoy a relatively similar culture to America. In my visit to Spain, I realized that although it was a replica of the American culture it still lacked that very essence that I found in Los Angeles. In these times I returned to Los Angeles to find my peace but I still believe that these places altogether brought a change in me as a person. There are times when you want to go into the particular moment and live it again all over from that moment on. Italy was a beautiful place which I will surely want to visit again only because of the cultural roots that are deeply embedded in the place. I still believe that I did not get to enjoy the beauty in the times that I went there and I need to go there only so that I can capture the moments and re-live the joy that was temporary.