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on Archaeology Affiliation on Archaeology The research is about the raised filed agriculture in the Lake Titicaca basin whereby there is the objective of returning the ancient agriculture systems back to practice. This piece of land could be used for both agricultural land technological purposes. This article proposes that these lands have been left out of control before the landing of the Spanish people. One of the major reason as to why this research was carried out is to estimate the probable production of thee fields if they were put in use again.
The research was carried out between the year 1981 and 1986 by a team of researchers who went in the northern lake in Peru, the role of the research was to combine archeology and agronomy in a manner likely to come up with practical solutions of renovating this land. The methods used to put these fields to use include the raised filed technique and the rural development. This is because this country relies on importing their product, for this reason they need to improve on facilities such as the infrastructure and transport and communication, in the fields, the right technology entails the application of technological ad ecological methods that do not need a lot of capital.
The applied technological advancement had an impact on the productions in the fields; private farmers began to show increased interest in developing raised fields. The current day economical and agricultural problems have been largely solved by this program in Peru, thus has resulted to better living standards as the economy is growing due to the imports made from the products harvested form the raised lands.
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