A Ticking Time Bomb Article – Article Example

A TICKING TIME BOMB A Ticking Time Bomb Four Things about Teenagers and their Diet Teenagers love a diet packed with pizza, sweets and sugary drinks and are among the biggest guzzlers of alcohol, salt, and sugar-laden soft drinks. They ‘live for the minute’, unconscious of how their present diet choices may affect their future health.
2. The diet of teenagers, especially girls, lacks key vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, and selenium.
3. Teenagers often skip meals because they are at a stage where they feed themselves, and are experimenting with substances that cut their appetite.
4. Teenagers are socially conscious of their body image, and social factors determine the diet quality of teenagers (Macrae, 2011, pg. 3).
Effectiveness of the Headline and Picture
Fiona Macrae’s headline is effective because it provides a warning for an impending danger. The bomb, which represents disease and ill health from lack of vitamins, is ticking and about to explode (Macrae, 2011). This means that teenagers are living dangerously owing to their diet, and eventually, they may be unable to manage the effects of their poor diet and nutrition choices. The headline links to the text because it underlies the challenges that teenage girls face because of their junk food diet.
The picture shows a young woman eating, and visibly enjoying, a large piece of burger packed with a sandwich. The unhealthy and junk diet seems to lack greens that provide vitamins and necessary minerals for growth. The picture links to the text because it does not show any fruit or vegetable: just a glowing young woman ready to gulp a chunk of junk food.
MACRAE, F., 2011, “‘A ticking time bomb’: Teenage girls’ junk food diet leaves them starved of vitamins”, Daily Mail. Image © Thinkstock.