Advance Systems Engineering – Article Example

Advance Systems in Engineering Advance Systems in Engineering Q1. How do armed services branch use airplanes Joint fighter development and procurement program intend to replace a full range of existing strike, fighter and ground attack aircrafts for the armed services branches such as the navy, air force, and marines.
The Navy uses their planes and jets to warn threats and deter threats. During any missions of the Navy with their planes, they use aircrafts to strike targets before they know.
The air force airplanes are used for several purposes that include fighting primarily in ensuring control of essential airspace while they deny opponents the use of airspace. Secondly, the air force uses their aircrafts to search and rescue people to prevent loss of life and injury. Additionally, the air force uses their aircraft for transportation and delivery of air personnel and materials. Finally, they use their forces for tactical aviation in providing reconnaissance, mobility and aerial firepower services (Arthur, Eveker, & United States, 2010).
The marine uses their aircraft in conjunction with the Navy. They emphasize in extreme training and mobility over massed firepower that the army uses. Moreover, they use their planes to launch an attack from Navy ships as the sea and act during military crises using their planes.
Q2.why did the government decide to build one plane with multiple uses?
The government intended to incorporate all the armed services duties in one plane, to increase efficiency and quality in operating their duties such as rescue issues, surveillance and fighting of all the armed services.
Q3. What are some of the factor to consider when designing a military fighter plane?
The engine turbine blades need to be designed with durable and quality materials to withstand long time engine runs and efficiently burn jet fuel. Additionally, designing a military fighter plane requires considerations of cost. In a move to reduce the $399 billion cost of its weapon program, the pentagon sort to compel F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to increase investment on their funds (Cameroon, 2014) in designing a military plane. The airplanes need to be fitted with two engines to assist during engine failure (Moore & Barnett, 2013). Finally, the body needs to have quality paintings and body structures to enable easy penetration of the air especially the air
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