Advantages And Disadvantages Of Doing Telephone And Internet Surveys – Article Example

Advantages and disadvantages of doing telephone and internet surveys Telephones and the internet are emerging technological trendsthat have influenced several economic sectors. The use of telephones and the internet in conducting surveys has several advantages key among which is cost effectiveness. With the two, one does not incur travel and other related expenses yet obtain a pool of subjects to study. Secondly, telephones and the internet are convenient since people can interact freely over the channels while engaged in other businesses at home or at social places. This is unlike the face-to-face meetings in which the two use their constructive time to facilitate the survey. Additionally, telephones and the internet overcome the geographical barriers most of which are hindrances to the mobility during studies. This makes it possible to conduct interviews among other market researches with people located thousands of miles away yet obtain effective information on the study. The use of telephones and the internet in conducting marketing surveys are therefore cheaper.
The two technologies have a number of disadvantages as well most of which hamper their effectiveness in conducting market researches. The technologies are prone to interference known as noise. The technologies used may break down thereby hampering the communication. This affects the effectiveness of the research methodology. The use of the two technologies relies on electric power and technological equipment among others. Power interruptions interject the communication process thereby affecting the reliability of the data collection and market survey technique. While conducting surveys over the communication channels, the surveyor does not monitor the other nonverbal means of communication thereby losing a substantial amount of information, the respondent may choose to hide some information from the researcher which they he would not determine (Aaker, & Aaker, 2010).
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