Aircraft Propellers And Turbo Propellers – Article Example

Propeller strike refers to the drastic stoppage of the aircraft’s engine due to contact with the propeller to outside objects. Because of the sudden halt of the engine, there have been different opinions from both the owners and the manufacturers of the aircrafts not leaving out mechanics. The views regard the necessary repair actions to take to mend the aircraft back into providing services as in requirement by the owner. The manufacturers of the aircrafts have provisions that every craft owner should consider in the case of having the sudden stoppage of the engine. The provisions suggest that in case of a sudden stoppage, the engine should be under reassembly for proper inspections. However, all rotating parts of the aircrafts should undergo inspection to ensure that they are in good shape for running the aircraft.
The major issue under discussion is the repair in expectation when there is a sudden stoppage of the engine. The experts in the field of aircraft maintenance suggest that, other than the damage to the propeller, there are other possible damages occurring to the moving parts and engine. However, some of the moving parts can withstand the high revolution as well as weight but cannot withstand energy produced during the sudden stoppage. The owners require the replacement of the propeller only for various reasons. They tend to avoid the cost of repairing the entire engine, or they have no idea of the possible damages. The mechanics, in this case, have difficulties in convincing the owners of the necessity of thorough inspection of the entire engine.
The aircrafts companies have come clear on highlighting to the aircraft owners that the extent of damage to the aircrafts due to sudden stoppage does not make them stipulate the extent of damage. The owners should not avoid the entire inspection of the engine, as it is t their benefits. Apart from the propeller damage, some of the moving objects can be under damage reducing the service delivery period of the aircraft. Aircraft owners for their benefit should put the issue of thorough inspection under high considerations level.
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