Airport Safety – Article Example

Airport Safety (Runway Incursions) Airport Safety (Runway Incursions) A runway incursion is one of the most common air transport accidents facing the United States with at least one occurrence each day. Runway incursions are accidents that occur because of inappropriate location of an aircraft, person on the track, airport surface geometry or the airport environment. The essay herein presents a summary of the research titled Modeling Runway Incursion Severity by Sabine Wilke and Ochieng Washington. The research aimed at developing and implementing effective airport safety measures to help prevent the severe occurrences of runway incursions.
The research analyzed a number of towered US airports while following the four process analysis approach as outlined by the scholars Biernbaum and Hagemann (Sabine and Ochieng, 2015). The research data was collected from the FAA, which is a regulatory authority and the ANSP in America. The researchers then analyzed the data collected while focusing on the impact of airport characteristics and the causal factors identified from the reports on runway incursion severity.
The researchers noted the primary cause of runway incursions as the airport features. These included the traffic volume and airport surface geometry. The number of runways and the number of runway-to-runway conflicts significantly predicts the severity of runway incursions. The research recommends that aviation stakeholders should define the critical roles of the pilots and ATC through continuous training (Sabine and Ochieng, 2015). Future runway designs should also reduce runway-to-runway conflicts by reducing the number of runway intersections.
Runway incursions have the potential of causing fatal accidents to the airport operators. The research analyzed and proposed some of the causative practices and the relevant cautionary measures that when implemented will help reduce the severe occurrences of such incidents. The research’s conclusion closely relates to the findings of CAST’s team conducted in 2002, which proposed the application of the current technology in contemporary runway designs.
Wilke, S., Majumdar, A., & Ochieng, W. (2015). Modeling Runway Incursion Severity. In Accident Analysis and Prevention (Vol. 79, Pp. 88-99). London, United Kingdom: Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, Skempton Building. Print.