Analyzing Primary Sources – Article Example

How does Galileo deal with the contradictions between the evidence of his senses and Biblical teachings? Galileo made sure that he drew a distinctionbetween what his eyes witnessed and a full understanding of natural events in the heavens. He said that observing differences between nature and Biblical teachings did not mean he was saying the Bible was wrong. He simply turned the tables and said that the natural phenomena were not entirely understood. He clarified by saying that the Bible could have many meanings but that nature only had observable phenomena.
For Galileo, what is the connection between God, man and nature?
For Galileo, God could be found in nature. Nature was observable by man and was not variable. For Galileo, God could be observed in nature as well as found in scripture.
Why did Galileo need to defend his views in a letter to Christina de Medici?
The de Medici family supported Galileo’s work. They were his patrons. If the Church did not like what Galileo was saying or studying, the de Medici family could find themselves in trouble with the Church. As the ruling family in Venice, this would cause problems for them that they would not want to deal with.