Answer The Questions – Article Example

The essay is about supply chain by Beth Ford. There is also an article of supply chain being in short supply by Melissa Korn. Melissa explains in his article that universities and learning institutions are providing better education to cope with the rising demand of the need for supply chain graduate. Beth addresses the issue by giving examples of women holding major positions. Instead of looking at a woman as inferior, Beth explains women can hold key managerial positions. She brings out a new perspective of looking at women in the society (Ford, 2010).
Beth Ford reasons and gives an example of Marry Barra. She shows several ways of a woman’s high point. Beth brought this example to show a woman who had the supply chain management skills. She is the CEO of General Motors that shows she had expertise in other related fields as purchasing and supply chain (Ford, 2010).
What stood out to me in her discussion of the supply chain is her stand about the whole idea. I believe that the idea of incorporating the supply chain with traditional units of business is a major thought. In my opinion, it is important since a combination of supply chain and traditional units in business makes an organization have a competitive edge over other organizations or companies. I was moved by the way the GM choose Barra because she had the relevant expertise (Ford, 2010).
In conclusion, I was also amused by the small number of women heading the big companies. It is actually less than 5%. I was happy to note that she indicated that the number of women in positions like chief supply chain officer will increase in the near future. I like how she brings out the requirement of expertise and also high level of knowledge in order to head the fortune companies.
Ford, B. (2010). Functional Expertise Offers a Leadership path for women. Supply Chain, 12-20.