Article About IOS8 – Article Example

IOS 8 IOS 8 is an advanced mobile phone operating system created by Apple. It allows users to take, view or edit photos easily. The user should not worry about storage space for the photos because of the availability of an online-based iCloud Photo Library. The user can also access the photos easily at any time from iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or even from the web (
IOS 8 allows users to add audio or video to messages at any instant in a chat. Users can also share real time videos via the IOS 8. IOS 8 also enables users to send and receive multiple photos or video files at once. The audio or video messages will also close automatically after a few minutes if the user stays inactive. The user can start a group conversation and be able to add or remove people at any time. The user can also enable “Do Not Disturb” feature or exit the conversation at any instant (
IOS 8 has a smart keyboard that provides users with a variety of word completion suggestions in messaging. The smart keyboard can also detect whether a user is using email or ordinary phone messaging application. IOS 8 stores user’s messaging data within the phone, thus, ensuring user privacy. IOS 8 can predict the recipient of a message basing on user’s previous data. It can also predict possible answers for incoming text messages typed in the question format (
IOS 8 allows members of the same family to share movies, music, or other files and applications from iTunes or App Store without sharing accounts. Parents can also control what their children can buy online. Members of the same family can also share their respective locations and help locate their lost phones (
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