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Article Tainsky and McEvoy conducted a research d Television Broadcast Demand in Markets without Local Teams in order to identify the demand of viewers for sports that are professional in nature in those regions that do not have teams representing their regions (Tainsky 261). For the purpose of their research, they utilized the rankings of the period of 2006 and 2007 and these rankings were obtained from television and these rankings were of the NFL league that took place during that period. The ratings were obtained from a total of twelve markets and these markets were huge in size of television viewership and did not have a team playing in the NFL. The areas that were studied in this research were quite diverse in the context of geography and these regions do not experience bias that take place on the basis of region. The factors that played a significant role in the ratings of these teams were how well the team played. Through their research they figured out demand of a team in particular region was dependant on the time period for which the team has existed and played, the location of the team and how frequently these teams played. The researchers figured out that there was a positive relationship between demand of a team and how familiar a particular team was with a region. They even figured out that fans associated themselves with professional sports teams even if the team was not representing their region. Factor that contributed to decrease in ratings of the sport and matches was uneven competition between teams.
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