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Global marketing management; Oreo Global marketing management;Oreo Oreo is a sandwich cookie made of two chocolate wafers filled with a sweet cream filled in between them. It was first established in 1912 by the National Biscuit Company now known as Nabisco located in the city of New York; the name Oreo was trademarked on March 14, 1912. Today Oreo is not only the favorite cookie in the U.S, but it is the world most selling enjoyed by more than 100 countries with global revenue of approximately $1.5 billion.
Oreo developed several social media strategies to market the product. A whimsical image of the cookie was posted in its daily twist social media page to commemorate an occurrence between June and October 2012. This was ideally meant to increase its customers engagement. Oreos Social Media Marketing quickly tweeted a smart image, "You can still dunk in the dark (Toops & Diane, 2005). This showed the power of social marketing, to reinforce the brand in that moment of confusion when there was darkness during the halftime show, taking advantage of the viewers who switched to social media.
Oreo also took advantage of the perfect timing to tweet a picture of a bottle of milk shortly after the news of the royal babys gender was released. It had an Oreo cookie showing the tag line, "long live the Crème". On their YouTube account, this video was an intelligent drive housed. It elaborates machines, designed to split and remove the cream filling in between two cookies (Toops & Diane, 2005). The first video shows a separator created by a physicist named David Neve, and three weeks later, it received over 4 million views. As a result of these strategies, and great leadership attributes Nabisco can go through the obstacles, enabling it to achieve its goals
Toops, Diane (July 1, 2005). "Top 10 power brands". Retrieved 2012-04-06. "In the enviable position of being the No. 1 selling cookie in America since its introduction in 1912, the Oreo, made by Nabisco, East Hanover, N.J., a brand of Kraft Foods, was a true innovation—two chocolate discs with a crème filling in between."