Article Response – Article Example

Article Response Article response The use of graphical representation of ideas and representational practices in journalism has been massive especially when addressing the use of art and algorithm. However, special care must be undertaken when addressing graphical representation due to the challenge of transmitting scientific knowledge. In fact, the transfer of scientific knowledge can be affected significantly by the representational practices undertaken. Consequently, it creates a misconception of the idea presented or generated from the visual image presented. Graphical images create a serious challenge in the society when addressing the scientific issues. It can either thwart or foster understanding of the society when addressing scientific data. Scientific data should be presented using a process approach and on object approach. Object approach focuses its attention to the representation of a scientific labor and may be inadequate when addressing the accuracy of the data presented in the graphical format.
From the article it is evident, the development of visual representation depends on the ability to employ visual competence and develop the necessary skills. In addition, the point highlighted by the author is essential because they illustrate the challenge faced by the scientist in conversion of data into a visual representation that is accurate. The accuracy of visual presentation is a major challenge in the scientific process and much care must be taken when developing visual representation. The intended audience pays an integral part in the process chain. The article covers basic, but essential issues in visual representation, which have been challenging to the visual interpretation of images and the affects perception. Therefore, the understanding of the different processes and approach to visual arts is integral for the development of accurate visual images.
Pauwels, L. (2008). An integrated model for conceptualising visual competence in scientific research and. London: Routledge.