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Here Here Here Here Exercise and Health Article Review Article Review Worksheet :
Article title and source (include all identifying information):
King, Neil A., et al. "Beneficial effects of exercise: shifting the focus from body weight to other
markers of health." British Journal of Sports Medicine 43.12 (2009): 924-927.
Background/Literature Review:
Obesity is a widely known concern in American society. The most common recommendation for weight loss is exercise. While regular exercise can reduce weight, the failure to lose mass does not mean that the person is not gaining health benefits. Some people are resistant to weight loss through exercise, and so they would need to turn to other methods. However, exercise should still remain a part of their health conditioning if it shows significant benefits to other markers of physical wellbeing. This idea should be promoted to address the undervaluation of exercise, and to prevent further damage to the self-esteem of those who dont lose weight through exercise.
Research question:
Is exercise still beneficial to health when no weight loss occurs as a result?
Fifty-eight overweight subjects with previously sedentary lifestyles were included in the data collection. The group took part in a 12 week aerobic plan (the intervention), and several health indicators (including body composition, aerobic capacity, and blood pressure) were measured at times 0 and 12 weeks. This is a quasi-experimental design because there was no random assignment to conditions and no control group, but there were multiple measurements.
The researchers found a significant amount of weight loss by mean, but with a noteworthy amount of score variability throughout the group. This result supports the theory that some people do not easily lose weight through exercise. Accordingly, the subject sample was now divisible into a responsive group and a non-responsive group. The latter group (those who did not respond to exercise with weight loss) did show significant improvements in every other measure taken, and reported an improved psychological state as the exercise progressed.
Article conclusion:
Exercise has many benefits other than weight loss, and these qualities are maintained even when losing weight is not accomplished. This evidence supports the notion that people who fall in the non-responsive group should not be blamed for a lack of compliance without actual evidence. Moreover, including measures other than weight loss in the evaluation of aerobic impact would reveal a more complete picture of the effects on an individuals weight.
Good points of article:
The article provides novel information about an important topic. The findings have ramifications for the management of both physical and psychological health. Close monitoring of the exercise program assured that compliance was consistently satisfied.
Poor points of article:
The lack of an experimental design is damaging to the validity of this study. Random assignment and the use of a control group would have eliminated several potential confounding variables. However, these considerations become ethical quandaries due to the exclusion of subjects who could potentially benefit from the treatment condition, thus necessitating the quasi-experimental design of this research.
Work Cited
King, Neil A., et al. "Beneficial effects of exercise: shifting the focus from body weight to other
markers of health." British Journal of Sports Medicine 43.12 (2009): 924-927.