Article Review My Topic Is Meanings Of Staying Healthy – Article Example

Article Review Worksheet   Molly McKinney Article and source (include all identifying information Something to sink your teeth into: Sugarless gum.
Source: Harvard Health Letter, Harvard Health Publications, Copyright 2007 by President and Fellows of Harvard College:
Background/Literature Review:
Plenty of evidence from this article shows that sugarless gum is more essential than those with sugar. The article points to the fact that these sugarless gums are sweetened using sugar alcohols and the best among them is the Xylitol. This is because it has the strongest and best credentials for oral hygiene and successfully manages to starve the sugar-loving microorganisms.
Other studies that have been conducted to try and compare side-by-side the effects of xylitol on the gums with the effect from other sugar alcohols such as Sorbital, xylitol was found to be more effective in caring for the gums more than anything else. In general, any kind of sugarless gum is found to be extremely healthy for the gums than all types of sugary ones.
Research question: Does sugarless gums with Xylitol as part of their content reduce the risk of having dental cavities as opposed to those gums that are sugary?
Method: The findings of this article were based secondary data sources which were studied, analyzed before an inference was drawn from the. This method involved review of several resourceful materials in the related field. In respect of this, the article seem not to have data on the sampling procedures used in the various past studies. However, the information on the article was severally subjected to statistical tests to determine the validity of such information.
 Findings: The author or publisher of this article seems to have gotten to a conclusive about the benefits of sugarless gums in preserving the gums as opposed to sugary ones. The author also found out that there is one particular sugar alcohol among other sugar alcohols such as Malinol, Maltitol, and Sorbital, which is the Xylitol, which essentially provides protection to the gum against any cavity diseases (Harvard Health Publications Pg 7). The authors also found a very striking relationship between dental cavity problems with having to rely on sugary stuff so much thus, destroying the teeth enamel.
Article conclusion: In concluding, this article approaches the study subject with an open-minded view and concludes that despite people’s strong desire for sugary gums to chew, sugarless gums are actually the best and healthiest for the teeth. This article should be read by all persons particularly gum lovers as it is more of educative health wise than just being taken as a health paper researched for government statistical purposes. This article teaches everyone about the benefits of sugarless gums. However, this is seen as tricky as sugary gums are liked most by people than the sugarless ones. Besides, the sugarless ones are rarely found in the stores.
Good points of article:  Before I read this paper, I thought sugary gums were the best to individuals. However, I am convinced now that the sugarless gums are the ones that care for an individual’s dental cavity. The article’s logical reasoning and argument of this fact is one which is unbeatable as it is true.

Poor points of article: I find it quite unique that the article describes statistical findings without bringing into play the figures from which such information were calculated from. The article does also not bring clearly the effects of the other sugar alcohols which could have been a good point for comparison with the xylitol sugar alcohol majorly discussed in the article.
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