Aticle Abstract Assignment – Article Example

Article Assignment Location and attendance in major league baseball is an applied economics written literature and it is written by Jason A. Winfree, Jill J. McCluskey, Ron C. Mittelhammer and Rodney Fort. The article was written mainly for study and research purposes. The purpose of the literature on the article is to analyze a key thing that is important to every business venture that is started anywhere; the location (Fort, 2117). A business location can be the key thing that separates a successful business and a failed one. In this article, attention is focused on the location of the baseball game and the teams that attend to play.
Depending on the location of where a baseball team is to play, it will be relative to the attendance that will occur (Fort, 2119). Suppose a team is usually the favorite at a certain baseball ground. If the team moves ground and goes to another area, the attendance might increase and again it might decrease. It might increase because it will be new and people would love to see the new team and how it is fairing. It might decrease because its supporters might not be able to reach the ground at which they are playing. Another factor is the price (Fort, 2120). Depending on the popularity, then the gate prices might vary.
The article is a collection of various and previous research that was done to prove that even in sports economics does exist. The method used to describe the economic side of baseball is empirical, which leads to a conclusive collection of data that proves the authors point. In conclusion to their research, they found that the price and attendance of the baseball teams is relative to the respective teams themselves (Fort, 2123). Great work has been done on this article as it proves the elasticity and inelasticity of the popular game. On the critical part, it would have been more satisfying had they included how the teams that participate in the major league baseball also influence the sponsorship of sportswear and promotion of brand.
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