Built Environment – Article Example

Sustainability and the Built Environment The sustainability of the built in the environment is paramount. The threat of the environment is the upcoming of the building and the destruction of the urban environment. It is either the people choose between the two and weigh both sides. After the entire environment remains to be important compared to the buildings. The global carbon reduction is a significant subject in the built environment and has become a significant challenge. It has brought to changes such as the climate change which results to the significant impact on the built environment. The sustainable design and the management of the built environment are critical. When it comes to delivering a sustainably built environment the energy, planning, water and wastage technology and demand and supply are important areas when it comes to the sustainability of the built environment. It is crucial to have good thoughts of the sustainably built environment. The understanding of the systematic approach is crucial. The interdisciplinary aspects of the management and design are equally important (Yao 2013).
The essay tries to review how sustainability of the built environment and the issues that come after achieving this. The author of the article clearly compares the buildings and the built environment and comes up with a solution that the urban environment is important compared to the buildings. The author explains the threat of the global carbon reduction. It is well explained the impacts of the global carbon reduction. The management and the sustainability of the environment are very important and it is also explained in the essay. It is also very clear on the methods of sustaining the built environment. The essay is well written and covers the topic well (Yao 2013).
Runming Yao. (2013) Design and Management of Sustainable Built Environment. New York: Springer.