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Critique on Strategic Planning and Formation JBS SA Takeover of Sara Lee Sara Lee’s takeover plan by JBS SA is a ical case of a protracted moveby Brazilian companies to elevate and snatch a share of the American market. Strategic analysis of this move is backed by similar plans by Brazilian companies such as 3G Capital preference of American corporations’ takeover when compared to other markets. This is an expansion strategy that targets an international business platform for the first time in just six decades of its existence. A takeover of an older corporation aims at taking the benefits of Sara Lee’s experienced market presence and a richer product mix for a better market positioning. JBS perfect meat products specialization and the 2005 successful takeover of Swift and Company, Pilgrim’s Pride and Smithfield Beef strengthen the prospects of a successful deal (Brat et al,
Menlo Ventures Considers Outsourcing from Top Players
Mark Siegel is the Managing Director at Menlo Ventures and reports of a conclusive strategy of effecting deals for the company. The company has been using the Market-Driven-Top-Down strategy, the company ha been able to formulate a clear policy regarding outsourcing of services. This strategy has been dubbed Systematic Emerging Marketing Selection and involves accurate studies about the market using efficient technology. Pliant Technology has been carrying out high performance technology for Menlo on a two round test procedure. SEMS at Menlo has been dramatic mainly due to involvement of other leading software and technology players, such as 3PAR Incorporated and Hewlett-Packard Corporation.
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