Business Rules - Professors Response – Article Example

Interaction Design in Validating Database Business Rules Insert Insert Introduction Interaction design considers making sure that users interacting with the database do so in a smooth and efficient manner as though it was the human. The outcome should meet the needs of the users affected. Otherwise, users will have an awkward experience and would not want to use the system again (Das, 2010). The overall goal is to meet the needs of the customer.
Using business rules to determine what is correct and continuous control in the manner in which the data in the organization becomes accessible is invaluable to the organization (Lohmann, Song & Wohed, n.d.). The resultant rules convey an independent and self-sufficient process. Use of user interface design like web forms is very suitable when handling editing of data (Graham, 2006). In general, this act will better the performance of operations in the system that includes the input of data.
A good interaction design will alter the end users perception of the application. The following affects the performance of the application. When you implement on a form, errors regarding round-trip communication from the database are avoided. Most of these are as a result of typography.
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