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d NEW HEALTH BENEFITS ASSOCIATED WITH HEMPSEED OIL A study by the Journal of agricultural and food chemistry revealed that the banned hempseed could be a possible miracle to cure several health related problems. Banned in North America since 1930s due to high tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) content that can promote recreational use of this derivative of marijuana, the article shed light on the positive effects of a permissible and controlled level use of hempseed.
Linolenic acids in hempseed oil contain fatty omega-3 acids that have been known to reduce the risk of heart diseases (McNamee). Sterols are steroid alcohols that significantly reduce cholesterol levels, reducing susceptibility to heart attacks. Lastly, Aliphatic acids in hempseed oil has been researched to reveal anti-cancer and antioxidants features. Traces of this substance are found naturally in healthy foods like spinach, beans and raw vegetables. From the several anti-oxidants one is Tocopherol that helps prevent regenerative diseases like Alzheimers and atherosclerosis. Hempseed oil is nutritious and full of vital vitamins and minerals, also contributing to its balance dietary offerings.
Use of medical marijuana has been a long debated topic. In my opinion, controlled use for permitted purposes can help in reaping the positive benefits out of it. The government needs to ensure that substance abuse prevention measures be taken at every level of the process in order to take advantage of this million dollar industry. The European Union has legalized the use of low content THC hempseed oil for medical purposes as well, opening new possibilities of the use of the positives o medical marijuana and its derivatives.
Article one: Skin cancer is one of the most heard of cancers of this age. Simple solutions like application of sunscreen and might I add, maintaining a healthy diet that is rich in a variety of nutrition can greatly help in preventing one from the harmful effects of this disease.
Article two: Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand. The alarming rates mentioned darken the future for the country and measures need to be taken to raise awareness at a national level. Strict nutritional disclosure of food items, regular mandatory sugar level checks and a wide spread campaign to promote the possible harm that obesity puts one in, can help tackle this problem effectively.
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