Chicago 8 Movie – Article Example

Chicago 8 Movie Summary The movie d Chicago 8 was released during the period of and was directed by Pinchas Perry (Perry 1). The movie focuses on real events and depicts that eight different protestors who were protesting against war and these eight protestors were experiencing a court room trial because they were believed to be indulged in a conspiracy to cause protests throughout the region during the period of 1968. These eight protestors were arrested when a rally that was being carried out in order to persuade the government to stop the war Vietnam War and as the rally continued to grow in numbers, the police officials were ordered to put an end to the rally. Due to police intervention, the rally took the shape of a riot. During the trial the eight protestors claimed that they had no intention of causing a riot and instead they were only practicing their right to freedom of speech. But the judge was not ready to listen to them. Due to this the eight individuals believed that they should mock the judge and show him that he was not in control. As the court room trial of these eight protestors is carried out, they make attempts to take control of the situation by creating an atmosphere in the courtroom which is similar to a circus. But the judge puts a stop to their activities and regains control of the court room. One of the protestors was a black American who was removed from the trial by the judge.
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