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New Environmental Law Proposal al Affiliation New Environmental Law Proposal Research studies and real world experiences have revealed that mishandling and improper handling of petroleum and hazardous chemicals can lead to spills that will pose health risks. Across the globe, there have been incidences of chemical and oil spills that led to underground water contamination and even incidences of fire. I would like to propose a law encouraging the expansion of the definition of “Facility” so that the definition may include rail yards.
The latest research studies reveal that railcar transfer yards are among the largest sources of oil spills in Washington. The points of fueling trains have led to massive spills that have contaminated underground water in surrounding areas. For this reason, the government should develop a mitigation plan for spills emanating from rail yards so that ground water systems within rail yards can remain safe. An expansion of the definition of “Facility” and the inclusion of rail yards will enable the government to prepare for oil spills originating from rail yards.
There is one factor that may limit the expansion of the regulation definition of “Facility” to include rail yards. Expanding the regulation definition of “Facility” requires the amendment of existing laws as established by the legislature. Additionally, it may require the introduction of new laws. However, the problem is that environmental politics has failed to save the environment. Current laws on environmental conservation laws have done little to save the raging impact of global warming. It is highly unlikely that expanding the definition of “Facility” to include rail yards will minimize oil spills. The proposal may lack political goodwill because an increasing number of politicians are focusing on innovation and opportunity to fight global warming (Case Western Reserve University School of Law, 2009).
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