Conflict & Resolution – Article Example

Conflict and Resolution al Affiliation Conflict and Resolution Describe the situation. The conflict situation was that which occurred at Waco, Texas, specifically among biker gang members. According to the news article entitled, “Officers warned about more bikers possibly heading to Texas after brawl” written by McLaughlin and Yan, the conflict happened on May 17, Sunday, at Texas Twin Peaks restaurant where biker gang members were reported to have started “beating, stabbing, and shooting each other” (McLaughlin & Yan, 2015, p. 1).
2. What is the conflict?
The conflict was expressed differences in opinions and rivalry between biker gang members. As emphasized from an informant, “gangs will be at war as long as they exist” (McLaughlin & Yan, 2015, p. 1).
3. What are the facts?
According to the report, “an altercation in the bathroom seems to have sparked the violence. Shots were fired inside the eatery and a brawl spilled onto the patio area, before scores of men flooded the parking lot in broad daylight. Some bikers were beaten with brass knuckles, clubs and chains, while others were stabbed or shot” (McLaughlin & Yan, 2015, p. 1).
4. What is a desirable outcome?
The altercation should have been prevented to progress into a full-pledged brawl by a security officer of the Twin Peaks restaurant. Issues should have been brought into light with the assistance of a mediator. Sanctions should have been expressly communicated at the onset to prevent injuries, destruction of properties, and fatalities. In addition, law enforcers who had been anticipating potential conflicts between gangs should have been closer to prevent untoward incidents that happened.
5. What are some possible solutions to the conflict?
The conflict could possibly be solved through any of the following courses of action: (1) preventing biker gangs to meet in one venue (as suggested by the Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton); (2) increasing law enforcement presence in the area; as well as (3) imposition of stringent sanctions to biker gang members for misconduct and misbehavior.
6. What is the best possible solution to the conflict?
The best possible solution to the conflict is avoidance. The comment from the insider (member of one of the biker gangs) that as long as there are biker gangs existing, there would be preponderance for conflict or war (McLaughlin & Yan, 2015). Therefore, the only possible solution is the application of avoidance strategy to ensure that there would be no two gangs encountering each other in the same place at the same time.
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