Critical Article Review In Diversity In The Workplace – Article Example

Critical Article Review in Diversity in the Workplace Introduction The article has researched on Multingualism especially at work places that have shown that employees could be excluded from informal interactions. The data in the article shows that in today’s work places the linguistic competencies are usually diverse. The article has related the process of exclusion to language ideologies on the connection between language and nation and on hierarchy of users of English.
The researcher collected data from different employees and from them reflecting the possible language competencies and practices. Six departments were involved in data collection. The data set was made of a five months field notes. The participants filled in questionnaires. The data set was used in micro-analytic study and in ethnographic analysis (Lønsmann, 2014).
The strengths of the article involve how the research is carried out. From the research carried out the analysis the relationship between language competencies and exclusion of two types of employees was made. The blue-collar worker was found to have a Danish background with very little knowledge on English despite encountering English every day at work (Lønsmann, 2014). The results are well analyzed and the researcher has deeply explained them.
According to the researcher, the idea of one nation one language is what inhibits the wide use of language, as people tend to focus on their own language. The author discusses the results got from the research and reviews the role of other languages in learning English.
I did not find any weaknesses, limitations, or problems of the article. The article has analyzed the diverse language competencies when combined with language assumptions on hierarchy. I have learned that Language awareness is pointed out as a remedy for social exclusion. The author has referenced the work well and it is well cited. However, there are no tables or figures to elaborate on the findings.
The article by Dorte Lonsmann on linguistic diversity in the international workplace is a study on language choice in a company in Denmark. The article is highly valued as it will educate individual a lot on language among employees. The article has a focus on social challenges related to the language diversity. The article focuses on language choice and ideologies. I have learned that language diversity is wide and needs a lot of research to fully understand how people make choices on the languages they use.
Lønsmann, D. (2014). Linguistic diversity in the international workplace: Language ideologies
and processes of exclusion. Multilingua, 33(1/2), 89-116. doi: 10.1515/multi-2014-0005