Discussion 6 – Article Example

Undergraduate Programs Affiliation: What do the AACN/CCNE standards and guidelines state should be the goals of every undergraduate program?
The first goal of every undergraduate program according to the two accreditation standards is to assess whether the programs fulfill the mission and vision they have stated. They should also ensure that the education the nursing students are given is in accordance with what is expected in the nursing profession which means that they should provide long term and professional practice education. The education should also ensure that the nursing student is participating significantly and their conduct is reliable. Lastly, the undergraduate degree ensures consistency when it comes to standards such as that of confidentiality, fairness and above all avoids conflict of interest (Muller, Bezuidenhout & Jooste, 2006).
What specifically should be included in all undergraduate programs?
These undergraduate programs should ensure that they include innovative teaching and the learning strategies that will enable the nursing students be innovative in their professional and public life as well. The students by the end of their course should have been taught the value of cooperation with other professionals and health care agencies as well are able to have accountability of all their nursing actions.
Do an evaluation of the FIU curriculum based on these documents and make 3 recommendations for curricular modifications
In evaluation of the accreditation documents, four standards must be ensured that they are adhered to when developing a curriculum. These steps include evaluating the quality of the mission and governance standards, the level of commitment of the institution and its resources, the teaching and learning practices indicated by the present curriculum as well as assess the outcomes of the programs for their effectiveness (Alspach, 2013). In this regards, the first modification necessary in the curriculum is resetting the mission and governance standards in the undergraduate programs. Next is addition of more technological resources to modernize the institution and lastly is carry out frequent assessments on the learning outcomes and make comparisons with previous results.
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