Number] and his girlfriend opted for the very first time; week of eco-holiday at Algonquin Park. The aim was to be close to nature with lack of luxurious privileges and simultaneously away from chaotic modern life and its mechanical advantages. Hence, only basic commodities were taken along to enjoy the mystic attributes of nature, like crystal clear and fresh water, fresh aroma of morning air, closeness to wild life and green pasture. The basic supply for a camping trip along with a canoe, tent and food for a week were cheaper than the rent of an average hotel.
The week-long trip was physically demanding: absence of technology, physical discomfort and lack of basic privileges were challenging and especially adversity of being close to all the creatures like mosquitoes and bugs. However, the exceptional experience of being close to nature gave them the opportunity to see wildlife within their natural environment. Thus, dear and bear were seen and it made the trip all more worthwhile. However, eco-holiday is not associated to leisure, but it is a thrilling experience which requires action, acceptance and persistence to enjoy nature. Yet, author has evaluated that if usual housing is present then eco-trip becomes more enjoyable whilst being in nature (Anonymous).
Summary Planning Phase:
Title of the Text: ECO- HOLIDAYS NOT EXACTLY A REST, BUT......
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Topic Sentence:
Eco- Holidays are not a relaxing trip but an enthralling exposure to nature with the absence of basic modern commodities.
Main Ideas:
1. To experience closeness to nature in its natural habitat
2. To evade modern necessities required for a eco-holiday trip
3. To evaluate the difference between a conventional trip and camping trip
4. To experience and sustain in the unfavourable situations or to comprise with the change
5. To observe wild life
6. To evaluate for the future trip in the end in more conventional manner but close to nature.
Concluding Sentence:
Although, the author has narrated many benefits of eco-holiday in a non-conventional manner, but has concluded it eventually an unnecessarily exhausting trip due to the absence of basic modern accommodations and commodities.
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