Enterprise Project Management – Article Example

Project Management Improvement Effort Project Management Improvement Effort The paper is a case study report by Erling S. Anderson and Anne Live Vaagaasar of three Norwegian enterprises. These enterprises were; ORG1, ORG2, and ORG3. ORG1 is a project-driven government enterprise containing planning and implementation projects. ORG 2 is privately-owned and it remits services that are based on technology. ORG 3 is project- based and is driven by time schedule, quality, and cost benefits in its building projects.
These enterprises laid down various efforts towards improving their project management.
a) Implementation of project management model
b) Starting project management school
The implementation of project management model was instituted to provide a platform for standardized operations and management. It provided a means through which working, thinking and inter-stage developments were harmonized. Enabled effectiveness in control of projects and laid a collective method to project work. However, the model is not fit for all projects due to its linearity when starting a business. It also entailed too much reporting and control.
The schools were meant to provide education to the employees to enhance understanding of the organization-specific culture.
As a result of these efforts, various values were achieved in these enterprises. A tribal language was build, professionalism, and competence among employees. Extensive understanding of projects within the entire organization, common thinking and way of doing things, more learning, and effective resource allocation were also realized.
The driving force for the various efforts was fundamentally an internal initiative that relied on consultant firms for supplementation. The triggers were; need for good image, some government influence, public pressure, increased complexity and the desire for a good internal reputation.
In addition, these efforts were driven by the various motives. Economically; cost -benefit ratio was weighed as a determinant of profitability and Institutionalized, and innovation perspectives.
In conclusion, the agenda for the future is to have experience transfer between projects and other project establishments with economic considerations, societal trends, and new ideas combined to drive the efforts of improving project management.
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