Evaluation Model – Article Example

Application of an evaluation model al affiliation Evaluation model The correct understanding of an evaluation model entails the reaction of the delegates who are in the process of learning or undergoing certain training. Reactions are easy to gather and are not expensive since they are necessary in the evaluation process. In an evaluation model, there is the measurement of the level of learning whereby the measurement entails the increase in knowledge before the learning process and after the process. A learning evaluation model according to Stufflebeam & Shinkfield (2007) is a basic setup and ensures that learners acquire skills which are quantifiable.
An evaluation process according to the article by Stufflebeam & Shinkfield (2007) checks the behavior which includes the extent of applied learning on the application of the learning activity. According to the current understanding of an evaluation model, there is the evaluation of the results which are the effects of the process on the environment in consideration. Evaluating the results is easy to conduct comparing with the use of the whole organization. An evaluation model removes ambiguity in the learning process by giving procedural explanation of the goal of a learning activity, and the final achievements by learners to ensure that the necessary goals get achieved.
The evaluation process also entails the use of experts in a field of study to estimate the level of changes required after an evaluation takes place. An evaluation process also entails the description of whether the learners achieve the set goals and are able to undertake in instructional strategy including doing revision, adopting some ideas and rejecting unnecessary ideas. An evaluation process according to Stufflebeam & Shinkfield (2007) should also supplement weaknesses in approaches that are goal-oriented to provide unbiased perspective concerning the evaluation process.
Stufflebeam, D. L., & Shinkfield, A. J. (2007). Evaluation theory, models, and applications. San Francisco, Calif: Jossey-Bass.