Exercise #2: – Article Example

Wolf Hunting Wolf Hunting The campaign against wolves hunt dubbed as “Coming Soon: A World without Wolves” by the Predator Defense group is one among several campaigns that aim to stop the hunting of wolves. The campaign starts by acknowledging that the animals were saved from near extinction in the 1970s. The government, however, turned against them by making changes to the Endangered Species Act in 2011. The changes transferred the management and care for the wolves to the state governments. By the end of March 2015, more than 3,600 wolves had been in six states. In the 2012-13 hunting season, about 1141 wolves were slaughtered. To make matters worse, the count is not inclusive of the wolves eliminated via the state and federal predator control programs.
It is evident that the President signed a death warrant for the helpless creatures. The motive behind delisting of the animals from the Endangered Species Act is political and has never been witnessed before. The states’ management departments that have been tasked with protecting the wolves have given everyone permission to hunt them. It is very unfortunate because the animals are just starting to reoccupy their territory that was confiscated some decades ago out of selfish agricultural and ranching reasons.
There are several biological and ethical reasons why the hunt should stop. First, wolves play a crucial role in maintaining the functionality of the ecosystem. Wolves are vital predators that help shape prey populations. Their presence also affects the distribution and population of other small predators such as foxes and skunks. Their removal can have profound effects on all other species. From the ethical point of view, the group holds that man has the obligation of taking care of all species particularly the endangered ones. Furthermore, there is sufficient habitat and prey to support the wolf population.
As discussed above, wolves play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Wolf predation balances prey numbers with the available resources. As a result, even some plant species benefit by getting rest from continuous grazing by the herbivores. In addition, the wolves play a significant role in determining the distribution of other animal species in the ecosystem.
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