Fear Not The Robot – Article Example

Fear Not the Robot Summary The article discusses robots and their associated effects in the society. In the contemporaryand future society, technological innovations mean that human labor will become worthless as the society embraces automation. The negative effects of technology are bound to crop up in the capitalistic society. Even so, automation and technology improve the eminence of life, and are still the major drivers of the economy. The perception that humans and machines are in a battle is wrong. People should not fear the robot and look at the convenience it brings, especially as the prices of electronics continue to fall. Productivity helps improve the quality of life, and it is only through robots that efficiency is achievable. Instead, workers should improve their productivity and increase working hours. Although there are some short-term disadvantages such as loss of jobs, the society should look at productivity gains and stop their fear of robots.
The post is quite useful because it provides a water conservation and cost-cutting strategy for California farmers. This is particular relevant considering the severe drought conditions in the region. Naturally, the reliance of farmers on water means that they should save as much water for the future as they can as long as the suggested strategy does not affect their current livelihood. Regulations control the operation of markets, such as water supply, and it is essential because water is a public good. For farmers, a reduced water allocation in the future may hinder their levels of production. It is a necessary conservation measure that will arrest the severe drought conditions in California.
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