Fire Department Safety Officer – Article Example

Task Fire Department Safety Officer Safety management involves taking proactive roles in managing your program or entire department. One has to be fully aware of the potential risks and how they can be managed if they should unfortunately occur. An effective safety management program should be aimed at reducing the accident potential as well as the severity of any fire accident.
Developing a safety management program for a fire service operation will involve formulation of regulation that fall within the scope of different bodies associated with the department such as the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The initial step will include drafting a concrete performance objective involving a documented safety program. Some of the major features here include a policy statement and directives regarding the department’s expectations of its employees, existing contracts detailing the nature and scope of the job, clearly delineated roles and responsibilities of the staff, and a performance measure for members of the fire and emergency services. The safety program will incorporate all information regarding standards, regulations and laws of the department.
The next step will involve implementation of the program in accordance with laws and regulations governing fire and emergency services. Implementation of your program should be done according to a previously conducted Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA). You will specifically need to implement procedures for fire prevention and protection in order to mitigate the ever potential risk of a fire. You will also have to deal with the issue of personnel qualifications and how they can be trained further in order to be able to perform their work with better safety and responsible standards. The employees should be given appropriate levels of training in fire safety procedures. The program should also involve data and statistics on performance improvement by the employees. The effectiveness of a fire safety program will also be monitored by another oversight program under a federal field and site officer.
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