Forenscis Challenge – Article Example

Forensic Challenge Forensic Challenge Task The forensic experts will identify the information that could be store in the mobile phone, intentionally or unintentionally. The information that would be very important in the investigation would be the following:
Dialed and received call together with the time and duration of the calls
Text messages recovered from the service provide
Contacts names and the corresponding numbers
Videos, photos and graphics stored in the phones memory, Olof (2012).
The call and texts messages would be very crucial in determining the last person or persons that the victim came into contact with. Similarly, photos taken in the mobile gadget will disclose the common places that the victim goes. In addition, photos may reveal the person or persons that the victim frequently associates with. Further, the service provider may assist in getting the last places that the victim went before the dropped his or her phone in the house. Concerning anyone targeting the student to kidnap them, it may take longer for the kidnappers to demand a ransom.
Physical Extraction of Mobile Phone Data technique is the most suitable in this particular forensic investigation. This technique creates a bit-by-bit duplication of every data available in the phone. It includes deleted files and hidden files among others. The technique can provide location tags and GPS fixes
Task 2
To identify the type of gun used in the crime, the first step would be to analyze the bullet and the cartilage. The two should reveal the type of gun used as they have unique marks that give clue unto the type of gun used. If the bullets and cartilage do not have unique characteristics, the forensic study will incorporates walls and trees among other services where a bullet may have hit.
Emails correspondence of the couple can give information concerning investment that could have prompted John Poff to plot his wife’s death. In addition, the mobile phone will reveal the possibility of death panic expressed to John by Nancy. For the search history, the forensic investigation will determine chance that John tried to conceal some information concerning the crime.
Olof, A. (2012). Forensic Science. New York: Springer Sciences & Business Media .