Franchise Name – Article Example

Franchise Company: Nestle Toll Caf
Founded in Dallas by Ziad Dalal and Doyle Liensenfelt in 2001, Nestle® Toll café is food Franchise Company in the United States and Canada. The company seeks new investors to become Café owners meeting least qualifications. The company has built on the most powerful food name Nestle® and managed to become the best dessert café in North America. It offers superior baked goods, sandwiches, soups, salads, delicious fruit smoothies and a variety of catering options. This has given the company a billion dollar brand name.
It provides opportunities for single, multi-unit, area development and even master franchises for a minimum net worth of $300,000 and $100,000 cash (Franchise Direct, 2014). The company gives the franchisee a comprehensive support that includes site selection and lease negotiations, layout and design of the café and classroom and in-store training which gives an upper hand those with no previous experience in the field.
The company offers some attractive opportunities, making it a favorable franchise opportunity. This includes the use of the Nestle® confidential recipes by the franchisor allowing the franchisor to replicate the quality of Nestle meeting consumer needs and demands resulting in instant success. Marketing and promotional support are the other opportunity from the Nestle franchise since the market knowledge and research at Nestle will be beneficial to the franchisee saving promotional and marketing costs. The third opportunity for the franchisee is the use of Nestle® trademark and logo. This is a big advantage since Nestle® has achieved global recognition, therefore providing an ideal opportunity in the competitive field.
Caution has to be taken on the provision of support in site selection and leasing negotiations by Nestle. Negotiations by Nestle may result in high costs for the franchise because of the high resource availability for the company that may lease at high costs than the amount that could have been set for the franchisee. Making negotiations as a small company is better than as a large company.

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