Health In America – Article Example

Health in America The theme behind the article published in The New York Times on 21 Aug was the rising costs of premiums offered by employers to their employees. This is when it comes to health insurance coverage, which makes the amount of insured employees reduce significantly. However, the article is quick to point out that these changes are moderate and that they seem to have the once-torrid inflation rates in health care. Critics are having a difficult time blaming the rise in premium costs on the Affordable Care Act, because there are no big increases to report. Studies carried out bring out numbers in which most people can agree with and relate to, because this is what they go through regularly. People have also been reported as foregoing medical visits to health facilities due to the bad economy. This seems to reflect the slow growth of health care spending in many states. Most people, especially a certain age group, have been alleged to have a slight interest in the A.C.A. This means that people want to know about what the federal government is doing to aid in the continuous challenge presented by health insurance covers that have been a problem for decades. I chose this article because it seems to bring out some of the truth and half-truths about Obamacare. It may be wrong to blame the A.C.A for the things that are happening or not happening to health care spending (Pollack 1). The nation requires time for the Act to be in full effect so as to realize its benefits, and/or its negative impact on the nation.
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