Indonesia's Wants And Needs (Microeconomics) – Article Example

Indonesia’s Wants and Needs At the present, within Indonesia, clean water has become quite scarce since there were massive floods not so long ago. The storms and floods made life miserable for the commoners of the land and they had to resort to drinking unclean water for a long period of time. Even though this remains a fact that the flood water somewhat reduced with the advent of time, however, making clean water available for human consumption remained an issue that needed to be addressed by the authorities.
On a sad note, the Indonesians started collecting water from the different roadsides which was important because they needed to survive. Authorities needed to play their role under such problematic areas but sadly this did not come about as expected. It remains a fact that the storms have destructed the lives and property of the Indonesians and there should be a number of steps taken by the authorities to address such quandaries. Since clean water was scarce, one of the worst hit areas within Indonesia was Tegal Alur where the water reached a height of around 90 cms. This spoke of the amount of trouble that the locals had to face and considering under such scenarios, availability of clean water is always an issue that they had to go through.
Some other regions that were seriously affected included West Java, Bali, South Sumatra and the capital Jakarta. Indonesian authorities need to pull up their socks so that when such an issue arises in the future, they are well and truly ready to combat the same.