International Business News – Article Example

Foreigners doing illegitimate Business in Canada There are hundreds of foreigners and dual-citizens who are in Canada trying to create companies to procure weapon parts and technologies, which they export to their mother countries (CTV, 2012). However, most of these people escape unpunished for their actions, which are a greater threat to security of the whole world. Most of these individuals conducting such business are citizens from countries such as Iran, china and other dual-citizenship individuals. This illegitimate business has been going on for quite some time now, without adequate control measures being put in place to address the issue. According to the disclosed news, the foreigners create procurement companies in the name of purchasing defense technologies, only to be revealed that they are procuring weapon parts, as part of an illegitimate business (CTV, 2012).
Once the illegitimate business people are arrested, they are normally released on bonds by judges, after which they escape never to be traced again. Of the 25 court cases recorded on this issue, only a single case has proceeded to have the accused jailed for the violation of export control provisions (CTV, 2012). There has been a noted laxity and lack of commitment by the Canadian judges in prosecuting the individuals involved in these cases. Consequently, Canada is required to be more vigilant in addressing the illegitimate trend; otherwise, it will continue to be abused as an avenue through which adversaries continue to purchase US defense technologies (CTV, 2012). Canadian officials admitted to the difficulty of prosecuting violators, and therefore, civil regulators are required to address this issue.
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