Jaguars Win Critical Habitat In U.S – Article Example

Jaguars Win Critical Habitat in U.S. Affiliation: It has taken the U.S Fishing and Wildlife Services (FWS) decades and several wrangles with conservationist and even the life of several Jaguars for them to finally agree to grant this endangered species a habitat in the U.S which according to history was their original home until human habitat drove them south into Arizona and part of Mexico. The agreement is in a form of proposal where the FWS has proposed a land of over 830,000 acres that touches areas of Arizona and parts of Mexico as the best habitat for the third largest cats in the world since this area has no human habitation and is where the Jaguars usually spend all their time since they moved from the north.
The decision to come up with the proposal was based on court ruling on a case by Centre for Biological Diversity (CBD) which wanted FWS to offer habitation for this endangered species. This according to the article was not the first lobbyist and conservation group to make the same suggestions, others like Panthera and jaguar Recovery Group had also been on the forefront of this worthy course. The proposal however has to be debated upon before the final plans can be made. As expected not all people are for the idea of setting up such a large area for the big cat as they say it does not inhabit Arizona for long compared to how it inhabits Mexico. The final decision however lies in the hands of the FWS but this is the beginning of a worthy course and success of the program will mean that the FWS and the federal government finally bring home the Jaguar whose first home was in the U.S.
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