Journal Entry: Idea Storming And Exploring Win-win Solutions From The Conflict In Your Journal Entry – Article Example

Journal Entry Win-win solution The conflict between my colleague and I required mediation sessions (individual and on mutual bases both). Preferably with a mediator, who can be an external negotiator to resolve our strife. Social meetings outside office can boost our sore relationship (like Kristy arranged BBQ for Paul) and will also provide us a chance to get to know each other better. However, it is crucial to remain calm and respective towards each other in and outside of office. The strife between us will produce negative air in the department and our colleagues will avoid meeting or coordinating with us ever. So there had to be a mutually agreed suggestion from the mediation session, through which we can resolve our issues and flush away our grudge.
Like, in the mediation session of Paul and Kristy the frequent mode of communication was email and only on Monday morning they were supposed to meet on face value for an hour to discuss their weekly agendas. Similarly, on joint projects we both can be given separate portions of same task, which will reduce the chances of mistake and in the end we can compile the data to conclude its end results. Another resolution can be communication through email, which will compel both of us to use formal and respectable tone towards each other.
In addition to it, an appreciation session can be conducted among the team in which each person has to write “A note of appreciation (entailing specific quality)” for all the colleagues and pin it on the “Acknowledgement wall/board”. This will enable me and my colleague to take off our skeptical glasses and find/see the quality of one another. Appreciation, clam tone, and compromise can change the most intricate and pessimistic situations into rewarding ones and can also make edgy and rude people into placid with compatibility.