Journal For Geography Class – Article Example

R. Fern Sample Paper March 31, How Location affects Malaysia and Singapore Malaysia and Singapore are two Islands located in the South Pacific,off the coast of mainland Asia. Malaysia’s population is made up of three different ethnicities: Malay, Ethnic Chinese, and Indian. Singapore, a city-state, has been affected by its location and infrastructure by being able to a shipping hub for the rest of the world.
Singapore is surrounded by deep-water ocean. This makes its location very convenient for freighters. Its proximity to Southeast Asia, the United States, and the rest of the world makes it an ideal distribution center for many kinds of products. Singapore is also an aviation hub for Southeast, with relatively short connecting flights to surrounding islands. Many parts are manufactured around surrounding islands, than sent to Singapore, where they are assembled and then shipped out again to be distributed around the world.
Malaysia is part island and part peninsula. Malaysia’s location is close to India and China, which means that people from those countries have immigrated there over the years. Malaysia is situated between China, India, and the Arabian peninsula. The geographic makeup of the country determines the ethnic distribution of people. Malay, Ethnic Chinese, and Indian people are distributed differently all around Malaysia.
Both Singapore and Malaysia’s location allowed them to be crossroads between surrounding countries, but Malaysia’s demographics were also affected by location. Singapore’s economy is more greatly affected by its location than Malaysia’s economy.
Both countries to continue to grow both socially and economically.