Landscape – Article Example

your first and (your In their writings Landscape as Urbanism and Recovering Landscape as a CriticalCultural Practice, Charles Waldheim and James Corner, respectively, present how landscape architecture has recently become an integral part in designing today’s society. They both advocate the need to use landscape when laying the groundwork for city development. Waldheim agrees with Corner that traditional conceptualization of city planning is not relevant in this era because of environmental, social and cultural influences.
Waldheim argued that landscape has become and should continue to be a big influence in the creation of cities. 1 To further his viewpoint, the author cited several designs from a competition where architects had conformed to the landscape, showing a significant understanding of how the environment interplayed with infrastructure, instead of just creating one building next to another. Waldheim points out that the traditional view in urban development of stacking up buildings and using landscape only for aesthetic purposes is not culturally relevant anymore. 2 Consequently, the author writes, landscape architects now play an important role in the design stage because of their expertise in creating a fusion of “ecology and engineering, social policy and political process.” 3
Corner claims that as landscape is continuously changing, designers should sieze the opportunity to reinvent and strategize in their creations, putting landscape right in the middle of their ideas. 4 Supposedly, interest in landscape as a primary consideration in city planning has made a comeback after landscape had been previously sacrificed for the sake of urbanization. The author believes that the need to revisit landscape arose from several events, namely: symbolic imagery5, environmental and ecological preservation6, deindustrialization7 and the emergence of land art8.

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