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Marketing Blog Market Research Marketers sometimes tend to use their skills in marketing to make sure that consumers who do not carry out market research, do not get access to the real market information about their products. Certain instances lead to exploitation and the tendency of the customer being able only to access certain products but in a biased manner. The customers end up paying too much in excess for their products, and sometimes, they are served with inferior quality of products (Yemini, 2013).
Take an example of this woman who used to sell jeans trousers to me. She made sure that delivery was done at my doorstep every week. At first, she could bring nice trousers, to ensure that she captures me as a loyal customer. She gave me discounts on several occasions and tried to convince me that the products she used to sell to me were the best and at a price fairer than the it would cost in the, market.
As a loyal, but blind customer, I used to purchase what my customer could get for me and convince me as the best in the market at the fairest price. I did not mind to go to the market to compare the prices of such similar products, or even to find out what is new in the market. However, when once I took a friend to the market to buy some cloths, I realized how the market is full of a variety of products, and at fairer prices, which one can bargain.
I then concluded that, due to lack of market research, consumers are at risk of being exploited and have access to only certain quality of products, which might not reflect the condition in the market.
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