News Article Summary Assignment – Article Example

News article summary Affiliation: Many parents in the US have refused to take theirchildren for measles vaccine causing it to spread rampantly in California and other states within a short period of time. They claim a 1998 study published in the British Journal and which is promoted by some celebrities’ link measles vaccine with causing autism. These views and claims are opposed by other scientists and doctors and they have provided numerous researches that conclude the vaccine as being safe for children to use. The author of the journal article was stripped of his medical practice license and fined for misleading the public which is costing the lives of children (Loehrke & Szabo, 2015).
The doctors using the numerous research findings from scientific researchers conducted about any link between autism and measles as well as the measles vaccine containing any chemical that might cause harm to children had declared the vaccine safe. They are urging parents to prevent the spread through immunization (Loehrke & Szabo, 2015). They are acting on the ethical principle of beneficence and non-malevolence both of which indicate their good intentions towards their children’s health and life in general.
Parents despite the assurance by the doctors still do not seem to believe the lack of negative effects of the measles vaccine towards their children. Since they listen to what celebrities tell them and they believe it, celebrity doctors whom parents believe can do no harm should be sought to support this campaign. They can even use personal examples without mentioning names of how the measles vaccine save the life of children once administered and the children do not have any health complications related to the vaccines.
Loehrke, J. & Szabo, L. (2015, February 5th). The Measles outbreak and vaccine controversy visualized. USA TODAY. Retrieved from health/22916079/