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North Gower Apartments Recently, Regents College is renting some buildings. Among these building is North Gower Apartments that are located adjacent to Euston underground station. To reach them, you need to walk about 10 minutes from the college. Students have different views regarding these apartments.
It is worthwhile recalling that at a certain time of their college life, students choose living off-campus for one reason or another. And although these reasons vary from college to college, there are indeed some pros and cons that apply no matter which campus one is considering living off.
Taylor Lusben, a 20 years old student from New Jersey believes that it is “hard being off campus. There is no just running in. Not to mention if it rains.” Yet, the experience for him is healthy because it is what he has all the time expected. He also claims that living in these buildings is nice because all people feel as if they were a community. He says, “I know everyone who lives in the building.”
Likewise, Eric Balcanoff, a student from Boston aged 20 years old, argues that he likes to be living off campus. “I don’t mind the walk. I like to be away,” says Eric. However, Eric displays a sort of phobia for the insecurity pervading in these apartments. He does not like people to have bedbugs.
But still, it is widely assumed that living in the North Gower apartments is the most unforgettable experience for students are taught to develop a sense of responsibility; they feel as if they were actually living in London in a real flat not in a dorm. This experience also helps them have their own kitchens wherein they can cooks a plenty of delicious dishes and bathrooms wherein they can take hot showers at any moment of the day. In addition to that, a free laundry service is put at their disposal. They can also have an unlimited access to internet facilities.
As you can see, these buildings are really good for students irrespective of the security problem as anybody can get there.