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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tackling Road Rage The Miami Herald Newspaper- February 26, - Road rage is a common phenomenon on American roads. This isparticularly so in the Greater Metropolitan Miami area that tops the list of the areas with the highest incidences of road rage, according to the 2014 report. Rendell notes that most people just find themselves experiencing road range without knowing that it is a matter of personality. However, road rage can sometimes result in an accident on the road, risking the lives of other road users. Most drivers on American roads, however, do not know that road rage is a personality disorder and can be controlled if proper measures are taken. For instance, Dr. Maria Conrad, a renowned and licensed psychiatrist and hypnotherapist explains that drivers tend to block or speed when another is trying to overtake them have a competitive personality.
In a bid to help people with road rage personalities overcome the problem and improve order and sanity on American roads, Conrad published a book on March, 2005 titled, Dont Drive Yourself Crazy: Controlling Your Road Rage. This is a must read book that delves much on road rage personalities and how best to overcome the problems. In particular, Conrad strongly advocates the use of meditation and hypnotherapy to assist drivers overcome the problem of road rage. The good thing about this book is that it is sold cheaply at only $32.99 and will be available in all major bookstores across the country. Additionally, customers willing to buy this fascinating book can find it online on eBook.
Conrad has many years of experience in dealing with road rage issues and has been actively involved in holding seminars for the American Automobile Association and is determined to use the opportunity to become reputed experts in road rage. Conrad has good news for the residents of the Greater Miami Metropolitan, where she plans to give a powerful speech to the members of the public on February 16 at the Wolfsonian, 1001 Ocean in Miami Beach. The 39, Hispanic, born in Colombia now invite everyone for this rare occasion as the admission will be free.
Conrad will be available after the speech to assign to sign the copies of his book and later appear at the "Good Morning, America" and the "Today" shows for an interview.
Dr. Maria Conrad
245 West Street, Miami
Ph: +1 453 4355
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